LED Lighting Upgrades

Do you need better, more efficient lighting in your commercial or industrial building?

Your existing lighting could be wasting your business many thousands of pounds every year, be difficult to maintain, or even produce inadequate light for your working conditions.


LED Lighting saves businesses thousands per year compared to traditional lighting and IS THE MOST EFFICIENT SAVING, there’s no other electrical aspect that can provide more efficiency savings in the UK than upgrading to LED lighting.

Commercial LED Lighting

We have a LED lighting solution for every commercial need. From new builds to refurbishments and even retrofitting LED replacement installs.

From start to finish we will handle the entire project whilst ensuring better energy efficiency and reduced energy consumption.

Industrial LED Lighting

We understand that excellent lighting is paramount to the operation of most industrial facilities but also one of the costliest.

Industrial LED Lighting will start saving you money from the start but with our intelligent lighting systems, you can save even more energy by having your LED Lights adjust according to the ambient daylight levels within the premises.

Office LED Lighting

A great deal of offices use panel lighting because they typically have suspended grid ceilings but also for the fact that panel lighting provides an evenly distributed, diffused light which is great for desk-based premises. The downside is that they can consume a high amount of power which is why office-based LED upgrades are one of our most common projects.

At KEMPOWER LTD. we can help guide you through the design and installation of an energy-efficient lighting installation/upgrade. We aim to make it the easiest process possible by visiting you on-site and having a conversation with you regarding your requirements. We’ll then provide a free lighting plan and quotation complete with energy efficiency ratings so you can compare your existing costs to your future costs. We operate across the UK.

So if you are looking for commercial electrical services in Retford and the surrounding Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire areas, then look no further, Kempower is the area’s most flexible, reliable and affordable commercial electrical contractors.

For a free no obligation quote, get in touch with us today and speak to one of our friendly team who can help you with any queries you may have.

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