Fire Alarms

Looking for fire alarm installers in Retford? Our team of Retford electricians can help ensure safety with a trusted Fire Alarm System installed by Kempower Ltd.

Current UK law requires companies that employ five or more people to have an up-to-date fire risk assessment in place. This assessment should outline the safety measures which have been applied in the workplace to safeguard people and the property including fire doors and alarm systems. It is also good practice for those companies with less than five employees to have a fire safety protocol e.g.

  • An employer with control of premises
  • A managing agent or owner for shared parts of the building
  • An occupier including as self-employed persons or voluntary organisation
  • Any other person with control over part or all the premises.

Warn your staff and customers in the event of a fire to ensure safety with a trusted and secure Fire Alarm System by Kempower Ltd.


In your business, the installation of a fire alarm system is one of the most important investments you can make. A fire can devastate both lives and businesses, whereas a working fire alarm system can prevent minimise damage. Making sure that you have the best system needed for your property, plus the right fitting service from a professional Retford electrician, is of paramount importance. Ensure that your fire alarm system is fitted by a competent and reliable company. Install with Kempower Ltd today.

Kempower Ltd in Retford, take everything we fit extremely seriously. We strive to provide the best possible service when you invest in our systems. We have many years of experience in installing fire and security systems and have developed a unique service to make sure we meet your needs and maintain our own high expectations.

Emergency Lighting

In accordance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order of 2005, emergency lighting must be installed and maintained to BS5266 specifications. These regulations state that when the supply to the normal lighting or parts of the normal lighting in an occupied premises fails, escape, or emergency lighting is in place.

This lighting must provide the following:

  • A clear and unambiguous route of escape.
  • Illumination of the escape routes so as to allow safe movement towards and through the emergency exits.
  • Clear illumination of the fire alarm call points and firefighting equipment provided along the escape routes.
  • Escape lighting is required not only on the complete failure of the supply to the normal lighting but also on a localised failure if such failure would present a hazard – For example, just the main corridor lighting failing.

Design, Install, Maintenance

Our team of in house designers will work out the emergency lighting coverage you need to make sure your building is covered to the correct standards, ensuring that your building is up to date with the latest health and safety policies, which in turn will provide your building with the best possible plans in case of emergency.

Working with our team of designers our installation/commissioning team will ensure all requirements of the installation specifications are met to the highest quality and will be overseen by our contract and project managers. Ensuring all time frames and any obstacles are met and overcome to the best of our ability.

We offer a range of monthly, quarterly and yearly emergency lighting testing/ maintenance packages, keeping your logbooks completely up to date for all insurance purposes. In the event of failed tests, we offer you all of the advice required and prices on replacement fittings to keep your building up to a satisfactory standard.

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